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Blue Lace Agate  is a combination of  silica (Quartz), and dissolved crocidolite (the same mineral that gives Hawk Eye its blue color.Blue Lace agate is banded with pale blue and white layers. This stone is from Namibia
Metaphysical Properties: Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone. It
has a soft, cooling and calming, energy that brings peace of mind. It is believed to
neutralize anger, reduce infection, inflammation and fever and to ease arthritis. It
is also said to promote qualities of kindness, patience, wisdom and peace. It is a
useful crystal for meditation as it helps remind us of our spiritual origins.
.Corresponding Astrological Signs: PISCES


Please note: mother nature isn’t perfect and that is the beauty of natural items. Natural stones almost always contain surface features and defects and we try to note in the description any additional features you should be aware Please Check out the FAQ page for more useful.



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