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Carnelian– features translucent chalcedony of a uniform Orange, Red, which includes brown sard and it may also include yellow and white.This color is caused by the presence of fine particles of hematite or limonite. Very hard material   Shop various grades sizes shapes and colors for your next jewelry project 


   Metaphysical Attributes,protects against envy, fear & rage. Provides stabilizing energy in one's home. Encourages love between family members.. Heals open sores. 

Corresponding astrological sign


      Please note: mother nature isn’t perfect and that is the beauty of natural items. Natural stones almost always contain surface abnormalities, we try to note in the description any features you should be aware. Please check out the FAQ’S page for more useful information.

 All slabs, cabochons and jewelry are hand crafted. If you are looking for custom work, or looking for a rock, crystal or mineral. We have a vast inventory of cabbed, slabbed and rough rocks. please contact us