• $ 30.00

Fossilized dinosaur bone cabochon features visible cell structures of beautiful reds and browns. This petrified dinosaur bone is considered a precious fossil gemstone and is quite unique and amazing.Shop various grades sizes shapes and colors for your next jewelry project  

  • 30x40(mm): (oval stone cabochon)
  • 1.18x1.57 (inches): (oval cabochon):

These Fossils are from the Morrison Formation in Utah! It is from the late Jurassic Period. organic matter comprising the bones and teeth usually decays and is replaced by minerals such as silica, calcite, carbonates and iron. The cell structure of the bone is usually visible. 

Metaphysical Properties: Dinosaur Bone increases energy and memory. Dinosaur Bone is also wonderful for calming anxiety, survival anxieties. It is said to help with communication and the ability to understand.

These fossils promote understanding of our ancient history and roots. It aids learning who we are and where we came from.