Pendant-Wire Wrap-Bloodstone-Pearls|Rock-N-Gem-Jewelry

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Pendant-Wire Wrap-Bloodstone- Pearls|Rock-N-Gem-Jewelry       

Custom wire wrapped Bloodstone pendant/slide/enhancer 14kgf

Bloodstone Strength, courage, purification, vitality Bloodstone is used when a jasper with a green

base color is splashed with tiny droplets of red


 opaque green with red markings. The red is caused by iron oxides.

Metaphysical Properties: An intense healing stone. Brings courage

and strengthens the will. Balances spiritual forces. Reduces

emotional stress. Enhances creativity. Revitalize love, relationships

and friendships.

Heart. Spleen. Bone marrow. Kidneys. Bladder. Intestine.

Leukemia. Naturalize toxins.

Corresponding astrological signs: Pisces

Dimensions pendant:  44mm    1.73”

Dimensions stone:  38mm    1.51”